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US Patents: 7588202, 8196850, Patents Pendi

The HR500 Spinal Bone Mill 

Milled bovine bone by the  3 mm blade.

Re-milled  3 mm graft

Key Features and Benefits

Well-graded bone graft, Automatic 

Innovative​ bone milling technology with multi-size cutting teeth blade automatically and consistently provide 

well-graded cortical-cancellous bone graft at the push of the button. 

Self-clear blades

Innovative cut-and-trim milling technology allows exceptional precision and efficiency in milling cortical-cancellous bone. Easily accessible milling chamber allows rapid recovery of the residuals resulting in 100% yield.

Powerful motor, Rarely jams

Effortlessly morselizes cortical- cancellous bone.  

​Battery-powered, Cordless 

Reduces power cord clutter, enables seamless integration into most ANY crowded operating room. No dependence on a particular line of products. Small footprint: 135 mm x 160 mm. ​

Two-blades-in-one, Reduced inventory cost

For those who prefer finer graft, our unique design allows for re-milling of the milled graft, without harming or

wasting graft, all with one blade.


Affordable, Significant savings

Lower blade production cost. One-piece metal surgical grade blades, no plastic attachments.

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Blade Options

HR500-SC-2       Spinal, Self-clear, Single-use, 2 mm

HR500-SC-2-3    Spinal, Self-clear, Single-use,  2 mm-3 mm

HR500-SC-3       Spinal, Self-clear, Single-use, 3 mm

HR500-SC-2-4    Spinal, Self-clear, Single-use,  2 mm-4 mm

HR500-SC-4        Spinal, Self-clear, Single-use, 4 mm

HR500 Sterilization tray

HR500 Battery-power-pack  and

the Battery-charger-platform