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US Patents: 7588202, 8196850, Patents Pendi

Frozen bovine bone milled with the 2-4 mm blade

Frozen bovine bone milled with the 3-8 mm blade

Frozen bovine bone milled with the 2-4 mm blades

Key Features and Benefits

Well-graded graft, Automatic, Fast  

Automatically and consistently produces well-graded graft for orthopedic bone grafting needs at the push of a button.


Innovative powerful milling technology and surgical blade with multi-size cutting teeth allow rapid creation of properly sized and graded cancellous or cortical-cancellous bone graft. Ex: It creates 8 mm well-graded graft at 10 cc/sec. 

Efficient, 100% yield,  Rarely jams


Easily accessible milling chamber allows rapid recovery of all milled residuals, delivers 100% yield. Equipped with powerful motor and batteries, our bone mill effortlessly morselizes the bone chips.

Battery-powered, Cordless

Battery-driven motor eliminates power cord clutter, enables seamless integration into most ANY crowded operating room. 

Unique re-milling capability, Versatile

Re-milling results in finer particle sizes and wider distribution profile, which is ideal for impaction grafting, all with one blade.

Easy to use, Affordable, User-friendly


Competitively priced. Easy to clean, steam sterilize, setup and operate —15 minutes to train each function.

The Universal Bone Mill Performed Well  in a THA Lab

 Washed re-milled graft 

 Re-milled graft  

The Universal Bone Mill  

 Sawed femoral head  

 Milled femoral head

Harvested femoral head  

In a gathering of professors and hip surgeons, Cenna Medical had the opportunity to demonstrate the performance capability of The Universal Bone Mill. 

Using reciprocating saw, with three consecutive slices the femoral head was cut in 5 pieces. Using 3-8 mm blade, the cut pieces were milled and re-milled. Milling time was less than 2 seconds per piece.

A portion of the milled graft was washed to reveal the aggregates. 

The outstanding accuracy, speed and milling power of The Universal Bone Mill for hip surgeons surprised the observers in the THA lab. 

Blade options


Single-use, 2 mm-4 mm

HR600-S-4           Single-use, 4 mm

HR600-S-3-5        Single-use, 3 mm-5 mm 

HR600-S-3-6        Single-use, 3 mm-6 mm 

HR600-S-3-7        Single-use, 3 mm-7 mm 

HR600-S-3-8        Single-use, 3 mm-8 mm 


Single-use, 8 mm 

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