Frozen femoral bovine bone | Milled with the 2-4 mm blade

Frozen femoral  bovine bone | Milled with the 3-8 mm blade


Key Features and Benefits

Automatic, Powerful, Fast | Consistently delivers well-graded graft

At the push of the button, The Universal Bone Mill is capable of creating 

3-8 mm bone morsels at the rate of 10 cubic centimeters per second.


Complete | Seven Blades, 2-4 mm to 8 mm bone particle sizes

Blades with multi-size cutting teeth allow creation of well-graded cancellous or cortical-cancellous bone graft for spinal fusion, joint reconstruction and impaction grafting.

Efficient | Elimination of bone-wasting routine


Easily accessible milling chamber allows rapid recovery of the residuals.

Battery-powered | Elimination of problematic electrical cord

Cordless design eliminates the electrical cord that bridges the sterile zone and the non-sterile zone which creates undefined boundary between the two zones. Cordless design reduces power cord clutter in operating room.

Our well-designed sterile shield (drape-like) allows safe insertion of the non-sterile Battery-power-pack into the battery housing of the sterile mill.

Our Bone Mill safely and seamlessly integrates in any operating room.

Small footprint: 135 mm x 160 mm ( 5.3 x 6.3 inches)​

Unique re-milling capability | Multiple-blades-in-one, versatile

Re-milling a portion or all, results in creating finer particles that widens the particle size distribution profile - which is ideal for impaction grafting, all with one blade.

Competitively priced |  User-friendly

Easy to clean, steam sterilize, setup, and operate.

Blade Options


Single-use, 2 mm-4 mm

HR600-S-4           Single-use, 4 mm

HR600-S-3-5        Single-use, 3 mm-5 mm 

HR600-S-3-6        Single-use, 3 mm-6 mm 

HR600-S-3-7        Single-use, 3 mm-7 mm 

HR600-S-3-8        Single-use, 3 mm-8 mm 


Single-use, 8 mm 

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