The first and only bone mill able to automatically deliver well graded graft without wasting patient's bone


Bovine rib bone milled with the  3 mm blade.

Bovine rib bone re-milled with the 3 mm blade


Key Features and Benefits

Automatic milling | Always delivers well-graded graft


Innovative​ bone milling technology and blade with multi-size cutting teeth consistently deliver cortical-cancellous bone graft for spinal fusion at the push of the button

Unique re-milling capability | Multiple-blades-in-one 

For those physician who prefer finer graft, the unique re-milling capability allows particle size reduction without wasting or damaging graft - all with one blade.  


Self-clear blades | No bone-wasting routine

Patented, cut-and-trim milling technology allows exceptional precision and efficiency in milling cortical-cancellous bone.

Easily accessible milling chamber allows rapid recovery of the residuals, which is essential having limited amount of autologous bone.

Pure bone graft | No plastic contamination

All surgical stainless steel milling chamber eliminates chance of   

plastic-debris contamination.

​Powerful motor | Self-jam-clear capability

Our bone mill effortlessly morselizes cortical portion of the bone.

Battery-powered | Elimination of problematic electrical cord

Cordless design reduces power cord clutter in operating room.

Our well-designed sterile shield (drape-like) allows safe insertion of the non-sterile Battery-power-pack into the battery housing of the mill.

HR500 Spinal Bone Mill safely and seamlessly integrates in any operating room.

Small footprint: 135 mm x 160 mm ( 5.3 x 6.3 inches)​


Competitively priced | Significant savings

Blade Options

HR500-SC-2       Spinal, Self-clear, Single-use, 2 mm

HR500-SC-2-3    Spinal, Self-clear, Single-use,  2 mm-3 mm

HR500-SC-3       Spinal, Self-clear, Single-use, 3 mm

HR500-SC-2-4    Spinal, Self-clear, Single-use,  2 mm-4 mm

HR500-SC-4       Spinal, Self-clear, Single-use, 4 mm

HR500 Steam Sterilization tray arrangement

HR500 Battery-power-pack and 

the Battery-charger-platform 

US Patents: 7588202, 8196850, 1025821